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sE Electronics Reflexion Filter presents - a revolution in recording technology - "a portable cabin recording."

sE_ReFilter_01.jpgCzym is the Reflexion Filter?

Reflexion Filter is a portable device for recording a variety of sources using a microphone with a significant reduction or complete room acoustics. Reflexion Filter is an advanced "wall" composite, which is mounted eg. On a microphone stand using the included adjustable bracket - helps achieve this "neutral" and "dry" recording even in areas without proper adaptation or sound insulation. What's more, Reflexion Filter is a godsend for pet owners, and project recording studios, which often cabin director and recording it, the same room. From now on, the sound from your computer or noises outside the window will no longer be a problem!

A little Techniques:

Reflexion Filter has 6 main layers. First, a solid layer of punched Aluminium which transmits sound waves and directs them scattered layer made of wool absorbing acoustic energy. Then the sound goes to the aluminum foil, which dissipates sound energy and helps to weaken the waves of low frequency. Then another "layer" or empty space that works as acoustic barrier. Then again, a layer of wool and again punched Aluminium which allows absorption and absorption of the remaining acoustic energy. The main energy absorber is made of pieces of foam aluminum, which absorbs and dissipates sound waves, directing them to the main filter.
Includes buyer also receives a special cross arm, which allows the simultaneous installation of Reflexion Filter and a standard microphone holder to a single tripod. Mount allows for optional position of the device relative to the microphone in order to achieve the optimum position.

How it's working?

sE_ReFilter_02.jpgRóżne layers that make up the Reflexion Filter to absorb and dissipate sound waves, with the result that acoustic energy is gradually weakens. This in turn means that fewer and fewer "unwanted" acoustic energy "hits" in the walls of the room and other areas, which greatly reduces the impact of room acoustics on the sound reaching your diaphragm microphone. The shape of the filter has been carefully tested and selected in order to maximize the absorption effect while reducing the coloration of sound [at max level. 1dB] and niewpływaniu the characteristics of a directional microphone.

Reflexion Filter is a very innovative and useful device. This will allow you to record vocals, guitars and other instruments without the need for a special room. This will allow you to separate the two or more instrumentalists recording simultaneously to a variety of microphones. It is light. It is very modern and uses patented technology. Works! And it costs a fraction of the amount you need to invest in the adaptation of the acoustic room.

You have a studio? Do you want to record and realize at the same time?
Reflexion Filter is just for you!


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